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[SEP] Treasure Chest Unlocked: Incense

Postby FraserRonald » Tue Sep 18, 2007 5:26 pm

Sword's Edge Publishing is proud to announce a new product in their Treasure Chest Unlocked line, Treasure Chest Unlocked: Incense.

Incense has been used throughout our world, from masking the stench of the unwashed masses to aiding in the meditation of those seeking Nirvana. But your world is not our world. In your world, incense can be more, much more. Treasure Chest Unlocked: Incense will help you to make incense both interesting and exotic in your world. It will become a valuable commodity for mage, priest and assassin. Even the greediest of treasure hunters will salivate when finding a trove of these fragrant wares.

So open up Treasure Chest Unlocked: Incense, and find the key to aromatic riches.

From the same team that brought you Treasure Chest Unlocked: Gems, Treasure Chest Unlocked: Incense is an 18 page PDF product. It includes descriptions of incense and its manufacture, information on using incense in your game, special incenses, rules for the use of incense with magic, poison incense , and optional rules including wondrous items and two new templates, the Flamebonded and the Windbonded.

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