[BDP] Blackdyrge's Templates: martial released!

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[BDP] Blackdyrge's Templates: martial released!

Postby Blackdirge » Thu Sep 06, 2007 6:27 pm


Many races display an inbred proclivity for warfare and armed combat, especially the brutal tribes of humanoids, such as orcs, goblins, and gnolls. But sometimes these traits are not simply cultural, and occasionally a creature is born with a natural and inbred skill with weapons, armor, and physical conflict…


Blackdyrge presents a new template that imparts peerless skill at arms to the monsters and villains of your world. The martial template turns your bad guys into weapon masters, granting a number of potent abilities related to weapons, armor, and melee. In addition, the martial template is the first in a series from Blackdirge Publishing that uses a new “template synergy” mechanic, allowing creatures with levels in certain classes to gain more from the template than standard monsters. Look for the following “synergy templates” from Blackdirge Publishing, coming soon:


Blackdyrge’s Templates – Martial contains 7 pages of new d20 material and includes the following:

    An introduction by Blackdyrge

    The martial template

    Iconic monster #1 – The martial bearded devil

    Iconic monster #2 – The celestial eradicator, a powerful martial hound archon

    Fantastic illustrations by Jesse Mohn
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