[Dreamscarred Press] Races of the Mind: Maenad

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[Dreamscarred Press] Races of the Mind: Maenad

Postby Dreamscarred Press » Fri Aug 10, 2007 10:39 am

Dreamscarred Press is proud to present Races of the Mind: Maenad, the second in its Races of the Mind line of supplements.

Delve into the psyche and history of the maenad race. Learn of their creation, their religions, and their philosophy. With 17 pages of new material (20 page PDF total), this supplement details aspects of maenad life unknown until now!

Included are:
Two racial specialty classes
Two racial prestige classes
Five racial feats
Two new psionic powers
And a new psionic godmind!

Written by Josh Sjothun, author of Races of the Mind: Elan, this product is available at here!

NOTE: While this document makes use of new rules as presented in Untapped Potential: New Horizons in Psionics and The Mind Divine, neither book is required for use with Races of the Mind: Maenad.
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