[BDP] Blackdyrge's Templates: Messianic released!

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[BDP] Blackdyrge's Templates: Messianic released!

Postby Blackdirge » Mon Aug 06, 2007 11:27 pm


Blackdirge Publishing brings you a template that is truly divine in origin in the latest installment of Blackdyrge’s Templates – Messianic.

Prophecies abound in the cultures of all races of one who will come and lead the people to greatness. This enigmatic figure is often nothing more than a myth, although an important one, providing the hope of glory and prosperity to even the most downtrodden of peoples. But every few millennia or so, the myth becomes reality, and a true messiah is born. Touched by the gods, a messianic creature is a paragon of all that a race holds dear, and he exists only to be the voice and direction of his people.

Messiahs of good-aligned races are bastions of holiness and virtue, and often usher in a golden age of prosperity and peace for their people. Conversely, messiahs of those that dwell in darkness become a blight upon the nations of all other races, leading their people to brutal conquest after brutal conquest. But whatever the moral outlook of a messiah, he commands the utmost loyalty of his people, and they would do anything, even sacrifice their own lives, to help achieve his aims.

Blackdyrge’s Templates – Messianic contains 8 pages of new d20 material and includes the following:

    An introduction by Blackdyrge
    The messianic template
    Iconic monster #1 – The Chosen of Set

    Iconic monster #2 – Hethvarag Doomfrost, a messianic frost giant blackguard

    Marvelous illustrations by Jesse Mohn
Aeryn Rudel
Blackdirge Publishing
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