2 New Opus Releases [FPDP]

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2 New Opus Releases [FPDP]

Postby foreverpeople » Tue Jul 31, 2007 4:28 am

Two new releases for our Opus Operandi OGL setting

History chronicles that many long years have passed since the Thaumatourgos twins, wizard brothers and members of the ancient Order of Mohan, delved deep into the secrets of gravitas magic. Their skills were poor and their theory riddled with mistakes. In their attempts to harness the awesome power of gravity herself, the brothers destroyed themselves and much of their magical studies with a single, flawed and fatal spell.

The wizard Order of Mohan, a brotherhood of magic users dedicated to the study and development of spell-craft in the kingdom of Mohan, recovered the work of the dead brothers and, using their superior skills and combined power, reconstructed the deadly spell so that it could be cast correctly and safely.

And with the casting of this spell, further sorceries and magical possibilities unravelled, spiralling beyond the fundamental studies of the twins to reveal a hitherto unimagined secret. The wizards had unveiled an astonishing truth, and saw therein a great power with the potential to be misused and misdirected. In its final conception, funneled into a single magical artefact known simply as the Orb of Evocation, the magical revelation became too great even for the Order and they banished it to a subterranean dungeon, there to languish unseen and unknown, safe from the hands of the power mongers whose wars had already ravaged the face of Opus beyond all recognition.

Centuries have passed and now the world is a simpler place. Gone are the three empires and only a semblance of old Mohan still prevails; a lesser kingdom whose borders are forever sinking under the growing tide of wilder lands. The Order of wizards are long since vanished as too is all knowledge of the magic they banished beneath the earth, and yet the name Thaumatourgos prevails in folklore and legend. The Orb of Evocation is still spoken of with excitement by treasure hunters and magic-users, a mythical object, priceless in value and more powerful than most can even begin to imagine. Scholars would have us believe the Orb is little more than a fairytale, born from bardsongs based on half-truths and fables and that those who dedicate their life to seeking the treasure are wasting their time.

But now, two treasure hunters, age-old enemies from the north, have come to the small village of Stantionbridge on the border of the Greymist Mountains. And they come in search of a grand prize. A party of unsuspecting adventurers have arrived in the village at the same time, looking for nothing more than refreshment and rest. Little do they know the momentous thread of history and the quest of a lifetime is about to unravel beneath their feet...

If you go down to the woods today, you're in for a surprise. No bears, but a gnome, suspended by his feet from a tree, beaten and bruised, he seems to be in a bad way. But what's that he's babbling? "I didn't tell them! Didn't tell them! They don't know! You have to prime it you see. Didn't tell them and they didn't work it out! Not very bright, orcs. Bit slow."

Upon such bizarre encounters are many perilous adventures based, and this time is no exception.
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