[BDP] Master at Arms - Spear Sentinel released!

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[BDP] Master at Arms - Spear Sentinel released!

Postby Blackdirge » Mon Jul 02, 2007 6:31 pm


In the latest installment of the Master at Arms series, Blackdirge Publishing explores one of the more obscure weapons in the d20 system: the ranseur. While certainly not a glamorous weapon, the ranseur is an incredibly effective one, and those that have mastered its use are formidable warriors.

Of those that have mastered the ranseur, the members of the Spearwatch Guild are without doubt the most skilled users of the archaic weapon in the land. The guild’s members, called spear sentinels, are guardians without peer, protecting their charges with honor, skill, and unfailing devotion. Spear sentinels can use their weapons to disarm foes, break their weapons, or even pin them in place, controlling the battlefield like no other warrior.

So take a close look at an obscure, yet highly effective polearm, with Blackdirge Publishing and the Spear Sentinel.

Master at Arms – Spear Sentinel includes 6 pages of new D20 material, which includes the following:

    A historical look at the ranseur
    Author’s design notes
    The spear sentinel prestige class
    A new weapon special ability: contracting
    Kyrgan Longstrike, an honorable hobgoblin spear sentinel
    Information on a new guild: the Spearwatch Guild
    Illustration by Jesse Mohn
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