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Quest [Forever People]

Postby foreverpeople » Fri Jun 29, 2007 8:41 am

Quest was big back in the day, when we doled it out for free to every second visitor. Three years on and its undergone a facelift, three years worth of playtesting and tweaking and is now available as an all singing all dancing PDF from Forever People Digital Press.

So whether you've played PBEM, LOVE PBEM, don't know what the hell PBEM is, or have heard of it but never given it a go, Quest has something for you. Quest is an intelligent email compilation system for keeping games managable, making in-game logs and giving structure to your RPG. The new release includes advice on running games; getting started, finding players or GMs, avoiding the common pitfalls and generally getting the most out of the hobby. ... ts_id=1655

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