Opus Operandi - Chains in the Dark [Forever People]

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Opus Operandi - Chains in the Dark [Forever People]

Postby foreverpeople » Sat Jun 23, 2007 7:57 am

Forever People Digital Press proudly announces the release of its first d20 Opus Operandi title, Chains in the Dark by Steve Dean.
http://www.yourgamesnow.com/index.php?m ... ts_id=1644

A unique fantasy campaign setting for the d20 system. No long winded source books to plough through, no history lessons, no days of preparation for the GM. Opus is one of the most accessible d20 settings you'll ever play, introduced in a series of non-linear adventures, each exploring one aspect of the Opus world. As part of our Pantheon series Chains in the Dark introduces the goddess Jetava and her typically chaotic worshippers. We also have plans for Locus releases (adventures focusing on a location) and a Chronicle series (with adventures revolving around historical moments or legends). All adventures are strictly non-linear and highlight the location in which they are set, giving GM and players free reign to explore and play at their leisure, but with the additional option of a fantastic d20 adventure thrown in. Each file comes with full colour hex maps, two Opus world maps, a single page Opus campaign setting reference sheet and the entire file in compressed black and white format for quick print and reference during gameplay.

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