[DragonWing Games] Torn Asunder: Critical Hits now available

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[DragonWing Games] Torn Asunder: Critical Hits now available

Postby DragonWing Games » Mon May 21, 2007 12:31 pm

DragonWing Games is pleased to announce that the ENnie Award winning Torn Asunder: Critical Hits is now available on pdf.

Combat under the d20 System is efficient yet abstract. While the concept of hit points works well when envisioning a tense fight of sweat, parrying, near misses, and fatigue, it falls on its knees the minute your character takes a solid and brutal blow to the head.

How exactly are you supposed to adjudicate a broken arm, a gouged eye, a lacerated liver, or a crushed spine? Torn Asunder provides a complete and comprehensive system for critical hits in any d20 game. The system is elegant and easy to use, it does not do away with hit points, or even alter the combat rules, it simply provides an optional way to deal with critical hits besides piling on additional damage. Critical hits are real hits - disabling function, mangling body parts, and leaving real wounds behind.

Torn Asunder pulls no punches; it provides a realistic and effective injury system for d20, covering all creatures, anatomies, and body types. Included as well are rules for natural healing, scarification, and herbal treatments. Torn Asunder also provides a wide variety of resources allowing characters to take advantage of the new system, from quick and precise prestige classes to devastating weapons to powerful and essential magical devices.

Don't just beat your opponents into submission, tear them limb from limb.

You can add your copy to your YGN shopping cart here: http://www.yourgamesnow.com/index.php?m ... ts_id=1575 with additional material for download on the Torn Asunder webpage at: http://dragonwing.net/Torn_Asunder.htm
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