[Dreamscarred Press] Untapped Classes: Soulbinder out soon

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[Dreamscarred Press] Untapped Classes: Soulbinder out soon

Postby Dreamscarred Press » Thu May 17, 2007 9:29 am

Where a society mind focuses on supporting those in his worldthought network, a soulbinder chooses to harness the power of the unwilling to make himself stronger. By focusing his studies on his soulbinding gaze, a soulbinder learns to borrow abilities or even directly control those forced into his network.

The Soulbinder is a 10-level Prestige Class that takes the Society Mind's soulbinding gaze class feature and explores the different uses such an ability can really have. Included in this 6 page document is the entire class write-up as well as a fully documented iconic soulbinder, complete with background, appearance, equipment, and statistics.

Untapped Classes: Soulbinder builds off the society mind base class released for free in Dreamscarred Press's Untapped Classes: Society Mind.

Target Release Date - 5/26/07
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