Tabletop Adventures Presents Free Product for April 1

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Tabletop Adventures Presents Free Product for April 1

Postby Cassandra » Sun Apr 01, 2007 12:11 am

Tabletop Adventures Presents: "Bits of the Banquet: Into the Desserts"

Finally let your PCs get their just desserts! Rather than going Into the Desert, this product takes you Into the Desserts. Taking a brief break from our usual realistic terrain descriptions, Tabletop Adventures instead brings you to the banquet table. These luscious descriptions are based on historical dishes from the 14th to 18th centuries and are suitable for a king's feast or a celebratory dinner in honor of a quest fulfilled. If your mind runs in more devious directions, these delicacies could appear as part of a fool's feast, seasoned with some obscure poison. Sweet!

"Bits of the Banquet: Into the Desserts" features four pages with twenty delectable descriptions, suitable for any game system because they are light and fluffy, without any crunchy bits. In addition to utility in a fantasy setting, they could be used to help simulate an historical dinner held in the modern era, or provide ideas for dishes on some distant world.

Download "Bits of the Banquet: Into the Desserts" now at no cost, from Your Games Now.

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