Legends Walk - Truth & Justice Edition

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Legends Walk - Truth & Justice Edition

Postby Tim Gray » Wed Mar 28, 2007 2:23 am

Protecting the weak and saving the world can be a dangerous job.

That’s why you want the power of Zeus, Loki or Quetzalcoatl.

This is a sourcebook for mythic supers: people who get their powers from the gods, heroes and monsters of myth and legend. Whether you want to focus your game on mythic supers or include such characters in a regular Truth & Justice campaign, there’s something here for you.

- General discussion of mythic supers and some short setting seeds.

- How to use the Truth & Justice rules for mythically powered characters, including over 50 key powers and three pantheons.

- Full setting outline for Legendary Earth, a near future affected profoundly by the presence of mythically-powered metahumans.

This adaptation of our standalone Legends Walk game is the first major setting/sourcebook for the award-winning Truth & Justice from Atomic Sock Monkey Press, produced under licence.

Requires the Truth & Justice corebook to play.

Special introductory offer: 10% off at YGN for the first week!
Tim Gray
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