New d20 Future line launches: Libellus Ultra

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New d20 Future line launches: Libellus Ultra

Postby OldKingdomGames » Sat Mar 10, 2007 3:21 am

Have you got what it takes to survive out there in the black? You think so huh? How would you know?

It takes much, much more than guts, determination, your favorite 'BFG' and a little luck to survive in the depths of space. One wrong move and you'll be airlock fodder, my friend.

Now, these, guys, they've got what it takes.

Denizens of the Black 1 introduces a series of unique, richly detailed NPC's, a new starship (with full color artwork), and several new alien races for use in any d20 Future game.

Written by Alasdair Stuart, Chris Hill & Tiff Hill - art by Matthew Vasey and Chris Hill.

LU: DotB1 is only $2.95.

Click here to read more and by your copy at YGN.
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