Bad Baby June Preview

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Bad Baby June Preview

Postby Hemdog560 » Sun May 31, 2009 1:10 pm

Well summer is here and Bad Baby is ready to make it hot. We have all kinds of games for you this month, so hold onto your hat and get ready.

First up we have the second set for our very popular Star Fury Mini-Game system. Adding Star Pirates and the bio \horror of the Hive, this set adds more counters and more fun to your Star Fury games, so don’t sit around, get your new game and have a blast of a time.

Also out the first week of this month is a new Clip Art set, Knights. 30+ full color works of art for your greedy gaming needs.

What, you want more, well we have it, Battle Axe is going to explode this month. Yep, we have more Battle Axe stuff for you coming out the second, third and fourth week of this month.

First we have the very first expansion for the system, adding to the command rule as well as offering a whole new way to ply the game. Scenarios, tactical advantages and objective cards are only a little of what you will get with this great expansion to the game system. Think Battle Axe kicks ass, wait until you add the Command Rules to the system and watch your foe's head explode.

On from there we have more Battle Axe characters, with the Elven Lord, Hell Cat, Death Mistress, Chariot and Elven Knight. What you think the goblins are being left out, nope, we have the Goblin Chief, Witch Doctor, Ogre, Troll and the mighty Armored Troll all waiting to be added to your War Bands.

Its going to be a great summer, so spend some of it with a Bad Baby game and have a great time with a great game.
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