A Witch's Choice Patronage Project is complete and on sale!

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A Witch's Choice Patronage Project is complete and on sale!

Postby Qwilion » Fri Apr 03, 2009 4:02 pm


A Witch's Choice is available right here on Your Games Now.

Author: Steve "Qwilion" Russell (Mythical Monstrosities)
Cover Artist: Ryan Barger (Adventurer's Vault)
Interior Artists: Eric Lofgren (Arcana Evolved) and Richard Biggs Jr (Items Evolved)
Cartography: Jonathan Roberts (Wrath of the River King)

The Rituals of Choice Adventure Path begins in the town of Far-rough and continues into the surrounding Edgelands bordering the Central Plains, Floating Forest, and the Bitter Peaks. In a time of looming war between the Dragons and the Giants, a few select people in Far-Rough have strange-shared dreams of a golden jackal. Taking them for a sign, a father now seeks escorts for a journey to Tesham's Landing, a mystical witching site that will help cure his afflicted daughter.

In the days that follow, a quest must be pledged to or renounced, a woman saved or damned, a cursed child accepted or abandoned, a ritual may be preformed that saves a single soul or damns the world. The PCs will face all of these choices, responsibilities, and consequences.

"A Witch's Choice" is a full color Monte Cook's Arcana Evolved adventure designed for four 1st-level characters. Characters will advance to 2nd level by the end of the adventure. It is the first installment in The Rituals of Choice Adventure Path, a complete campaign saga consisting of 25 adventures.

You can help create the next adventure by joining the "To Kill or Not To Kill" Patronage Project.

Steve "Qwilion" Russell

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