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Bad Baby February Preview

Postby Hemdog560 » Sun Feb 01, 2009 2:29 pm

Well Bad Baby is at it again, with more fun times for those that like to play great games.

Bad Baby is happy to offer this month two new game series, starting off with Demon Wars, a fast, fun game of demonic conquest and war. Can your forces defeat your rivals before they grind you under their hellish boot? Fully expandable, the system will showcase two new Demon Princes with each edition, as well as new hex boards, troops, magic and more.

Built on the Mage War game engine, this is a great addition to our catalog of fun games.

That's not all though, nope, we have more S&G madness this month as well with the release of War of the Psychic Gods.

Taking the S&G skirmish game system and add to it a super Meta physical world of astral travel, psychic powers and god like avatars, and you have a great action game of psychic powers and astral war. Psychic Gods is a great mix of astral war and psychic energy and elemental emotions, all creating the wild world of a mighty battles and high suspense.

As always, have a great time and play a great game.

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