[Rite Publishing] Items Evolved: Oaths released

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[Rite Publishing] Items Evolved: Oaths released

Postby Qwilion » Sun Nov 02, 2008 10:47 pm


Items Evolved: Oaths, this supplement for the 3.5 OGL and Monte Cook’s Arcana Evolved presents 10 new magic items, focusing on the idea of oaths, one of the major themes of Arcana Evolved and the Lands of the Diamond Throne, these magic items help to cement in characters the significance of that which lies within themselves.

Items Evolved offers a simple reference format that includes read-aloud text descriptions for each magic item. It also includes object loresight information for each magic item specific to the Lands of the Diamond Throne campaign setting, along with Lore DCs to help provide greater meaning and depth to your next game
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