[Misfit Studios] Misfits & Menaces Collection One releas

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[Misfit Studios] Misfits & Menaces Collection One releas

Postby Steve Trustrum » Tue Sep 15, 2009 2:31 pm

Misfits & Menaces Collection One

The first collection of Misfits & Menaces releases, this book gathers over 40 villains, minions, and corrupt organizations for Gamemasters to pit against their players.

Within, you’ll not only find the not-so-petty thieves, brawlers, masterminds, and world–conquering villains you’d expect, but also good-guys turned bad, and foes that endanger entire planets and star systems, along with the rank-and-file cannon fodder that act on their behalf.

Ranging from the antediluvian god from outer space, Cthulhu, to the armored and delusional megalomaniac, Autocrat, to the alien–hating and –hunting covert operative, Valentine, this villain collection offers a bit of just about every sort of bad guy a Gamemaster could hope for.

Along with the game statistics one would expect, each character is accompanied by a number of adventure ideas to get them up and running in your game as quickly as possible. Each is also assigned a rating based on the included Metahuman Threat Scale, allowing Gamemasters to quickly browse the book for villains who pose the right sort of challenge for the player characters.

Also within are new rules, including expanded size charts that allow one to construct characters, vehicles, and headquarters on a cosmic scale.

With the Misfits & Menaces Collection your game’s potential for creative villainy will know no bounds!

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