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[visioNation studios] Broken Swords & Battered Shields

Postby visioNation » Sun Aug 24, 2008 9:17 pm

visioNation studios is a newcomer on the YGN block, but we welcome the chance to share our passion with the world. Available now is our first offering, Broken Swords & Battered Shields, which is a fantasy RPG using the new RARE System (Realistic Advanced Roleplaying Engine).

Choose from nearly 50 different careers and over 20 different races at creation. Skills and stats improve as they are used, every week, rather than waiting for that big jump at the next level up. Create your own spells, fighting styles, knacks, and more, to custom tailor your character to the ideas of the person who knows them best- you.

Journey to a world where the creator gods once ruled the land. One in which civilized and outcast races abound. A world where anything is possible, if only your imagination will take you there.
Anthony Anderson
visioNation studios
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