[Tricky Owlbear] Behind the Spells: Feather Fall released!

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[Tricky Owlbear] Behind the Spells: Feather Fall released!

Postby Napftor » Wed Jul 16, 2008 10:10 am

The Behind the Spells series continues with the feather fall spell! This series examines those spells from the v3.5 SRD that are listed time and again on character sheets throughout gaming.

These are the spells which, if on your character's class list, will be taken as soon as possible and include such quintessential favorites as magic missile and fireball. Each pdf in this series examines the spellcaster who created the spell, one or more of the spell's hidden capabilities, and possible variants for the spell.

This issue includes two spell secrets, a new magical weapon quality (Floating) and a new spell (Feather Storm)!

You can purchase BtS: Feather Fall right here:
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