[TTA] Summer Sale – Pushing Back the Light

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[TTA] Summer Sale – Pushing Back the Light

Postby Cassandra » Thu Jun 19, 2008 3:28 pm

Ah, June! The sun is shining, the days are getting longer – and the Evil Overlord is cranky. Without bad weather to keep everyone trapped in the castle, minions keep slipping away and enjoying themselves, much to his chagrin. Before he could order wholesale executions to boost his mood, the minions came up with a distraction: Pushing Back the Light – Tabletop Adventures’ Big Summer Sale.

Not only is everything discounted by 25%, this is your chance to join the ranks as an Honorary Minion! Assist the Overlord as he brings the force of his personality and the might of his empire to bear on trying to force the sun further from the earth, thereby increasing the amount of darkness present in the world.

To become an Honorary Minion, merely purchase three Tabletop Adventures products during the period of the sale, June 19-25. Then send an e-mail to publisher@tabletopadventures.com; tell us your name and which products you purchased. We will send you an elegant electronic Certificate of Minionship that you can use to brag about your new status.

Already an Honorary Minion? Then make only two purchases to upgrade your ranking in the minion hierarchy. Own everything already? (You know who you are!) Send a note giving your opinion about Tabletop Adventures products and we will see that you are recognized appropriately.

Act now – get all your Tabletop Adventures products at 25% off the regular price and help the Minion Preservation and Recruitment Society make it through another year. All our fine products are available at Your Games Now. Augment your imagination with products from Tabletop Adventures. Buy it Today, Play it Tonight!
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