[TTA] New! Bits of the Wilderness: Into the Mountains

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[TTA] New! Bits of the Wilderness: Into the Mountains

Postby Cassandra » Mon May 26, 2008 7:23 pm

Bring out the majesty and the danger of the mountains! Tabletop Adventures is pleased to announce Bits of the Wilderness: Into the Mountains. This product, suitable for nearly any fantasy mountains regardless of the gaming system, provides both expansive vistas and menacing details – 160 ways to tell your players something more exciting than “It’s really steep.”

Lull your adventurers with forested trails and meadows full of wildflowers, then move on to massive boulders blocking the path and towering waterfalls which can be heard for miles. Turn up the pressure with slopes of loose rock which fall for no apparent reason, trails so steep only a mountain goat can be happy, and abandoned stone buildings perched on isolated peaks. Throw in a little mystery, with bones piled at the bottom of a cliff or a body left for the carrion birds. Top it off with a spring thaw that turns all the trails to freezing cold streams, snows that hide both landmarks and dangerous drops, or wind cold enough to freeze the flesh on one’s bones, and the true spirit of the mountains really comes through.

This book includes 100 Bits, small pieces of terrain description which can be stuck in anywhere a little detail is needed and numbered so they can be used randomly. Each Bit is also provided in index card format for ease of use by Game Masters. Sixty other pieces portray special features or the variations of seasons and weather. In addition, we have again included terrain “Kits,” which can help you make distinctive types of mountains in your world.

Augment your imagination with Bits of the Wilderness: Into the Mountains from Tabletop Adventures. Buy it Today, Play it Tonight!
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