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Arcanum Month

Postby Hemdog560 » Sun Oct 07, 2007 12:49 pm

October is Arcanum month here at Bad Baby. We have two new expansions for this great game system. First up is Arcanum, Call to Adventure. Take the old map tiles and throw them away, we have new, better tiles for you now. A hex shaped tile replaces the old tile system and allows easier movement through trails and better overall graphics. Now the creation of the Arcanum world falls into your hands, as you and other players try out new configurations and pathways to adventure.

This will make the game even more fun, so don’t wait, get your copy today.

Next week we will have Arcanum Heroes out for you. Six new heroes wait for you to play, the vile Dark Mage, the Orc, the Seer and the Halfling are but a few of the new characters you can play with this expansion. Take a walk on the dark side and seek the evil lore of the Dark Mage, or sneak about the shadows seeking gold and glory as the Gnome.

Fully compatible with all the other Arcanum expansion, you will find this just adds more fun and options to the already fun mix.

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