[BDP] Master at Arms - Nimbleknife released!

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[BDP] Master at Arms - Nimbleknife released!

Postby Blackdirge » Tue Aug 14, 2007 10:42 pm


The dagger is perhaps the most common weapon in the d20 system, yet it sees the least amount of use. Every character from a battle-hardened fighter to a meek, inoffensive wizard will carry at least one dagger. However, only the occasional rogue makes use of the dagger as a primary offensive weapon. Well, no more! The latest installment of the Master at Arms line presents the nimbleknife, a potent martial prestige class with the ability to inflict massive amount of damage with the unassuming dagger. Focusing on speed over brawn, the nimbleknife can avoid enemy blows with ease, while delivering lightning-fast offensive salvos with his deadly blades.

So don’t let those ubiquitous magic daggers go to waste. Put them to good use with Blackdirge Publishing and the nimbleknife.

Master at Arms – Nimbleknife contains 6 pages of new D20 material, which includes the following:

    A historical look at the dagger
    Author’s design notes
    The nimbleknife prestige class
    A new weapon: the main-gauche
    Kyzza Addlestrike, a powerful gnome nimbleknife
    Illustration by Jesse Mohn
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