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[SEP] Covert Forces Redux

Postby FraserRonald » Wed Jun 20, 2007 7:41 pm

Sword's Edge Publishing is pleased to announce the triumphant return of Covert Forces with Covert Forces Redux, an updated and expanded supplement on the world's special operations forces.

Based on the acclaimed Covert Forces, Covert Forces Redux is a d20 Modern supplement, updated and expanded to almost double its original size. Here you'll find all the information you need to play operators in some of the world's most famous special operations forces. With extensive descriptions of Australia's SASR, Canada's JTF-2, the US' Delta Force and SEALs, and the United Kingdom's SAS and SBS, it also includes concise descriptions of 44 other special operations forces from Algeria's Saaykaa to the Ukraine's Spetznaz Brigade. This PDF also includes feats, combat options, rules for "fluid situations"--from ambushes to snipers--new pieces of equipment, new weapons, and new vehicles.

Covert Forces Redux is indispensable for players and game masters interested in exploring the world of spec ops.

A preview of the product is available at the Sword's Edge Publishing downloads page

If you purchased the original Covert Forces and have not received an email announcing Covert Forces Redux, please contact Fraser Ronald at fraser (AT) swordsedgepublishing (DOT) ca with the receipt or email confirmation of the purchase in order to obtain a discount coupon for Covert Forces Redux.
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