[Blackdirge Publishing] Master at Arms: Cudgel Thug released

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[Blackdirge Publishing] Master at Arms: Cudgel Thug released

Postby Blackdirge » Sun Jun 17, 2007 9:46 am


Blackdirge Publishing goes back to basics with the latest installment of the Master at Arms series. The cudgel thug is a master that most primitive of weapons – the humble club. Part fighter and part rogue, the cudgel thug combines stealth and agility with the effectively brutal techniques of an uncompromising thug. The cudgel thug’s array of abilities includes old standbys like sneak attack, but also include new and innovative tricks designed specifically for use with the club.

So return to the primitive, grab a handy table leg, and crack some skulls with Blackdirge Publishing and the cudgel thug.

Master at Arms – Cudgel Thug features 6 pages of new D20 material that includes the following:

    A historical look at the club
    Author’s design notes
    The cudgel thug prestige class
    Two new weapons: the rungu and the shillelagh
    Crawsmasher, and unsubtle cudgel thug enforcer and brigand
    Illustration by Jesse Mohn
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