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Secular Games Stat Block Recorder

Postby Secular Games » Mon Feb 26, 2007 9:05 pm

If you always wanted to use stat blocks akin to the official ones in your adventures, but frequently had problems writing it down and figuring out where each thing goes, this new NPC/Monster sheet by Secular Games was created for you! The Secular Games Stat Block Recorder includes the following:

- A blank monster/npc sheet emulating the stat block used for world's premiere fantasy role-playing game. This sheet is form-fillable, allowing you to create and print NPCs or handwrite them, at your choice.
- The same sheet, filled with the stats of a sample NPC, a CR 13 enemy you may find interesting to use in your adventures.
- A summary with the various feats, special qualities, features and special abilities presented in the SRD, pointing where each of them should be on the stat blocks. The various features are also linked to an online version of the SRD. Wants to know what a Fire Lash does? Click and discover!
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