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[Fifth Element Games] Eldritch Codex upcoming in March

Postby Fifth Element » Sun Feb 18, 2007 4:25 pm


Fifth Element Games is pleased to announce our upcoming PDF book – Eldritch Codex: Libram of Silver Magic. Our largest product to date (approximate page count 80-90), the illustrated, bookmarked Eldritch Codex will be available in early March, from Your Games Now.

Magic rules. There's no doubt about it. Without magic, fantasy gaming would be as dull as dry toast. Magic allows characters to rise to the greatest heights of power, and defeat the deadliest of foes. With magic, you can do anything you can imagine, and even slightly more.

Magic rules. That's what Eldritch Codex: Libram of Silver Magic is all about: new rules for magic in your d20 System game. With new prestige classes, feats, and concepts, this book has many new options for the arcane spellcasters in your game.

First, Eldritch Codex presents prestige specialist wizards. These are eight new prestige classes, one for each school of arcane magic. Are you bored with the meager benefits that specialization grants your wizard? Try one of these classes on for size. Each prestige class has its own unique abilities, such as the Spell Resistance a prestige abjurer gains at 5th level, or the prestige necromancer's ability to turn or rebuke undead.

We then go further and present prestige class versions of the wizard and the sorcerer. These classes emphasize the thematic differences between these classes, allowing the wizard to be more studious and the sorcerer more wild, with appropriate game benefits.

But if you like the prestige versions of the wizard and sorcerer classes, you'll likely need a new arcane spellcasting base class. Thus, Eldritch Codex also presents the mage base class, which can be used even if you don't adopt the prestige wizard and sorcerer. Of course, the mage also needs something to set it apart from other spellcasters. Spell chain mastery is that something. A spell chain is a small group of related spells. A mage who learns all the spells of a chain is able to gain some related benefit.

For example, if a mage learns charm person, suggestion and lesser geas, he can become a Lesser Master of Charms, and thereby receive bonuses to Bluff, Diplomacy, and Intimidate checks. A mage who learns shocking grasp and lightning bolt can become a Lesser Master of Electricity, and thereby gain resistance to electricity 20. If he then learns chain lightning, he can become a Greater Master of Electricity, and thereafter cause 2d6 points of electricity damage with any melee touch attack. A Greater Master of Terror, on the other hand, radiates a permanent fear aura. There are 62 spell chains to pick from. Choose wisely.

Eldritch Codex then changes gears, and presents the alchemist prestige class. An alchemist draws power from the elements all around him, and can create many wonderful substances. His potions are powerful, and True Alchemy items (such as philosopher's stone or the mighty metal orichalcum) are the ultimate goal. Besides mundane alchemical items, an alchemist is able to create certain magical substances (such as dust of tracelessness) using only a Craft (alchemy) check. He is an effective spellcaster to boot.

Of the many items an alchemist can create, some of the more interesting are the new alchemical infusions. Besides being powerful potions, alchemical infusions allow a character (not just an alchemist) to absorb the essence of one of the four elements, and by taking levels in elemental infused classes, gain special traits and abilities related to that element. For example, a fire-infused character can gain resistance to fire, boosts to his Charisma and Strength, and scorching ray as a spell-like ability. Each of the four elements has an infused class, with its own unique abilities.

To round out the material, Eldritch Codex also presents a small selection of original spellcasting-related feats, such as Conjuration Subschool Expertise, Focused Mind and Meditation.

Eldritch Codex: Libram of Silver Magic will be available for a special low price upon release, until the end of March. We will issue another press release when it's available; be sure to pick up your copy!
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