Dog Soul Releases Treasures of the Sidhe

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Dog Soul Releases Treasures of the Sidhe

Postby Litlbeast » Tue Feb 06, 2007 6:33 pm

Treasures of the Sidhe

Writer James Hargrove has created 45 new items ranging from robes to swords/musical instruments to magical tapestries, inspired by the mini-setting The Underhill Court. Included is an excerpt from the Underhill Court detailing the sluagh.


Sails of the Sidhe Windriders: The sidhe no longer craft these items, and those remaining are relics from the days when sidhe adventurers would pursue their enemies upon the open seas and well into their own lands on vessels of war. These sails are typically crafted from cotton with ancient sidhe war songs in fl owing script embroidered along each of the sails edges. These sails are enchanted to respond to a series of five command words, the actual words can be anything but the five effects the words produce are: Sail: This command deactivates the magic and lets the sail function naturally.

Zephyr: In calm water with no wind when this command is spoken the sail fills with wind sufficient to move a vessel at a rate of 30” indefinitely.

Speed: When this command is given the sail will move a vessel at a rate of 60” for eight hours (after which the magic in the sail lays dormant for 8 hours – though it is still a functional sail).

Stormwinds: When stormwinds are summoned the sail moves the vessel at 150” for two hours after which the magic in the sail must lay dormant for 24 hours.

Luff : When the command to luff is given all wind works to anchor the vessel moving at all. The vessel will not move in winds/or currents of less than 10 miles per hour.

Conjured winds are always in the most favorable direction to take the vessel where the user wishes to go. Actual weather and currents may impact the utility of sails of the sidhe windriders, and the sail does not guarantee the sea worthiness of the vessel from which it is flown. These sails are typically sized to fit vessels that fl y single sails and are suitable for carrying up to 8 men on journeys of several days. Sails of the sidhe windriders have the ability to adjust to fit smaller vessels (down to one man skiffs), however sails for larger vessels must be crafted specifically for those vessels (the cost is the same, but the sails are not transferable). Weak evocation; CL 7th; Craft Wondrous Items, gust of wind: 25,000 gp; Weight 50 lbs.

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